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We offer the best training programs for customers, keeping in mind the issues of what they need to do to stay active and healthy for a lifetime. Continuity is the father of your success. We share our long-term vision with you and achieve your goal without any trouble. It’s no exaggeration to say that this is the best part of personal training. Something that can’t be done alone can be achieved. We are aiming to support your active and healthy life as your long-life partner.


Let’s keep in shape.



JBBF Certified Instructor Level 1

It is said that muscle weakness starts accelerating over the age of 40.
Even if you are healthy today, no one can predict 10 or 20 years later.
How do we live a 100-year life? There should be something that you can do right now.
Isn’t one of those things that keeps you healthy? We are looking forward to supporting your happy life.

The first step is
to be true to yourself.



Health practice exercise leader
Junior sports instructor
Sports instructor for the disabled

As we get older, skin, hair and muscles get weaker regardless of will.
Muscle weakness is especially hard to notice. Even if it moves as before, the body does not follow the feeling,
Have you ever had that experience? The important thing is to know your body.
You are not the only one who doesn’t know where to start. Please feel free to contact us first. Let’s start together.

Training Programs

Body makeup

Recommended for those who are thinking about shape-up or dieting. We offer you good trainings to make a sharp body.

Muscle up

Training to build up the body mainly on muscle strength and muscle hypertrophy. Recommended for those who want to bulk up.

Health maintenance

By continuing moderate strength training, we maintain and improve strength that declines by aging.

Experience training

Would you like to train with us?

Let’s take a first step.
Free trial lesson from here.

At the moment, the capacity of our training gym members are full.
Therefore, we have temporarily stopped accepting new memberand free trial training.
If you wish, we will accept it as a "new member reservation" and we will contact you sequentially when it is possible to join.
We apologize for any inconvenience. We would appreciate your understanding.
* "New Membership Reservation" will be accepted from the Website inquiry form.


Enrollment registration fee:
10,000 yen(+Tax)

Please visit Boost fit to resister.
The monthly membership fee will be debited (automatic debit). Please bring the following items when you join.

  • Enrollment registration fee
  • Monthly fee + Next month fee
  • Passbook (bank or post office passbook)
  • Seal (report stamp of passbook)
  • Identification documents

* Things that can be used to identify themselves, such as a license or insurance card.

We offer three personal training courses.
Let’s achieve your goal together with one-on-one lessons.

4 times a month
BOOST course

It is a course that you can easily continue training. Recommended for you to start personal training today!

20,000 yen(+Tax)/month

6 times a month
SIX PACK course

It is a step-up course recommended for you who feel that 4 times a month is not enough!

27,000 yen(+Tax)/month

8 times a month

It is a course that you can train your body thoroughly! This course is recommended for those who are determined!

34,000 yen(+Tax)/month

For each course, you can add a training for 4,000 yen (+Tax) for one training.


Boost fit outside

Personal Training GYM

Boost fit

3-1708, Kaguyama, Nissin-shi, Aichi prefecture
Sunday and Public holiday

Parking lot available

Q & A

What is personal training?

One-on-one training with a trainer. We support each customer’s training.

Is there anything to bring for a training?

Clothes that you can train, towel, inside shoes and water.

Is it possible to take a free trial lesson?

Yes. You will need to make a reservation for it.

How is the trial lesson like?

After hearing your goals on training, you experience training menu that other members normally do. The lesson will be for 50 minutes.

Are the trainings hard?

We will make a training menu according to your purpose, age and physical strength by discussing with the customer. For those who are not experienced training, we will provide reasonable and effective training. In addition, as we continue, the purpose changes, so each time we discuss our long-term and short-term goals.

How is the muscle training like?

This is a training that uses a machine and dumbbells to build muscle.
In addition, we support various training menus such as training using your own weight (self-weight) and core training.

Isn’t it dangerous to use a machine or barbell?

A trainer will always there to support your training.
Please be assured that the weight will be set according to each ability.

I don’t want to gain much muscle.

In order to be a bodybuilder, considerable weight and dietary restrictions are required. Due to general training content, dietary restrictions, and hormonal factors, women do not have the muscular body like men.

Is it possible to join at any time?

The monthly membership fee is calculated on a daily basis only for the first month of enrollment, so you can join even in the middle of the month.

How do I make a reservation?

You can register your desired date and time on the member-only website, or call us.

Is there a cancellation fee?

It is free if you can contact us the day before your reservation.
However, cancellations on the day and without notice will be counted as one training session.

Do you have a changing room?

There are gender-specific changing rooms.
Each room is equipped with shower, dressing table, locker, and amenities.

Is there a regular holiday?

Regular holidays are Sundays and public holidays. In addition, we have temporary holidays in the GW, summer and New Year holidays.


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